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The Rams are currently in a uniform crisis. They moved back to Los Angeles, which ignited a lot of conversation toward uniform reform that was sparked by nostalgia. cheap nfl jerseys.The good people of Los Angeles wanted the blue and white from the Deacon Jones and Fearsome Foursome days. Or even the blue and yellow from later years with Eric Dickerson, and later the Greatest Show on Turf, before they screwed things up and went gold.Instead, they settled for a shitty medium and made the horns white, while keeping those gold accents on the uniforms, which are now awkward. cheap authentic jerseys.It’s like how the Jaguars couldn’t decide whether or not they wanted black or gold helmets, so they just split the helmet down the middle and went with both.

The yellow Color Rush uniforms are what an alternate (or just the regular ol’ Color Rush) would be if the Rams made the right decision and went back to their blue and yellows.jerseys from china.Anyway, the Rams haven’t been really fun to watch the past few seasons. And by few seasons, I mean since 2003.So for them to pop up on a Thursday Night Football game is fine and well, especially if it means they’re going to be in some incredibly loud uniforms while doing it. custom jerseys.They’re playing the 49erswho are also aggressively Not Good, so hey, maybe they’ll win in a flashy manner, similar to their uniforms.

The NFL has brought back its famous Color Rush uniforms for the 2017-18 season with the Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals kicking off on Thursday night. nba jerseys sales.Last year was the first year in which every team had its own Color Rush uniform. Nine teams ended up not wearing the uniforms. The Bengals and Texans will kick off Thursday Night Football this week. cheapjerseys.Here’s what their color rush jerseys look like.